Cart Ruts Malta

Cart Ruts Malta – the islands of Malta and Gozo are the most famous and numerous location of the mysterious and puzzling ancient Cart Ruts (also known as Cart Tracks). Deep ruts, tracks and grooves left in Malta’s limestone but in such numbers, variety and confusion that they leave more questions than answers.

cart ruts malta gozo man made evidence tracks formatiion construction created formedHow were Cart Ruts in Malta formed? If man made by who and what? Why were the Cart Tracks formed? Any good visual evidence?

Visit the Cart Ruts Malta Blog or click on the links at the side of the posts for a list of all our guides to the Cart Ruts Malta and Gozo sites.

St Georges Bay malta underwater Cart Ruts Tracks Cart Ruts mysteries and evidence?

With Maltese Cart Ruts going off high cliff tops, Cart Ruts located on the sea floor, Cart Tracks in mass numbers intersecting each other in total chaos as seen at Clapham Junction and San Gwann Junction.

Even the Ghar Zerriegha site that appears to show defining evidence that the Malta Cart Ruts were man made is perhaps not so 100% conclusive when you consider about what is in the area and if these were formed at the same time or for the same reason.

Cart Ruts Malta and other countries

Cart Ruts Malta site investigates all the main Cart Tracks sites, with unique on site photographs, guides, location coordinates and maps of the mystery of the Cart Ruts on Malta and Gozo. CartRutsMalta also looks at the Cart Ruts found in other countries around the world.

Cart Ruts Malta sites and guides

clapham junction malta guide cart ruts Clapham Junction Malta

– Most famous Cart Ruts site and largest number of Cart Tracks

– Puzzling geology with perfect natural triangles and Tetris Rocks


naxxar cart ruts malta Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts

– Cart Ruts curving down the Great Fault escarpment

– If the Cart Ruts went down, how and where did they come up the Great Fault Line?


ghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu Ghar Zerriegha Cart Tracks

– Cart Ruts off a Cliff

– Man made evidence with steps in the middle of the Cart Ruts?

Visit the Cart Ruts Malta Blog or click on the links at the side of the posts for a list of all our guides to the Cart Ruts Malta and Gozo sites.

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