Cart Ruts, Phrygia Valley, Turkey

ancient vehicle car tracks turkey turkey Dr Alexander Koltypin cart rutsCart Ruts (cart tracks) or the old roads of a very old mode of transportation can be found in the Phrygia Valley in Turkey.
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Misrah Ghar il-Kbir Malta (the Great Cave)

ghar il-kbir great cave troglodytes malta┬áMisrah Ghar il-Kbir Malta (Ghar il-Kbir is Maltese for the Great Cave) is part of Malta’s Clapham Junction Cart Ruts site and Ghar il-Kbir has a great local history behind it.

A large hollow or crater in the ground that had a series of caves in the sides where Malta’s Troglodytes use to live.
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Syracuse Sicily Cart Ruts

Syracuse Siracusa Siracuse Sicily cart ruts tracks chariot Greek amphitheater roman great Syracuse Sicily is home to the Greek amphitheater or Great Theater of Syracuse has a number of Cart Ruts that appear to have been made by Greek or Roman Chariots coming to watch the entertainment.
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Bidnija Cart Ruts

bidnija cart ruts malta tracks maltese maltas Bidnija Cart Ruts are found outside the small town of Bidnija going along the road to Mgarr Malta. The main Cart Tracks are located beside the road but you could easily drive past them.

These main Cart Ruts consist of a few pairs and some intersecting lines.
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Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts

ghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts are perhaps the most atmospheric location with lots of mystery and evidence of maybe how the Maltese Cart Tracks were made by the ancient Maltese man.

Ghar Zerriegha (also known as Mtahleb, Ghar Zerrieq or even Ta-Baldu Cart Ruts) has cart ruts that go over and off the cliff top, cart tracks that curve round the cliff top edge and perhaps most important are the cart ruts that appear to show evidence of how they were formed for for what use as they seem to have ‘steps’ in the middle of them. These cart ruts with steps may show that there are a number of different types or uses for Malta’s cart ruts.
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Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges

cart ruts tracks pairs ridges mystery clapham junction malta Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges seen at Clapham Junction – a limestone Malta geology mystery found around the Cart Tracks of Malta.

What mysterious geological process formed these ridges and Tetris Rocks style patterns that surround the pair of Cart Rut Ridges?
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Tetris Rocks! Malta geology mystery

tetris rocks cart tracks mystery malta ruts clapham junction Tetris Rocks! Malta geology mystery of these amazing natural triangle and square shapes created by limestone rock lines.

How? What? When?
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Cart Tracks of Malta mystery – Isosceles Triangles

Cart Tracks mystery Isosceles Triangles Cart Tracks of Malta mystery – not only natural equilateral triangles made of limestone lines and Cart Tracks but man or nature creating isosceles triangles?

This triangle made of thicker limestone rock and is found near the top of the rolling hill, where the main Cart Tracks junction of Clapham Junction Malta is found. Continue reading

Equilateral Triangles – Malta geology mystery

equilateral triangles clapham junction mystery Equilateral Triangles are part of a Malta geology and Clapham Junction mystery as they are found at Clapham Junction Malta where the Cart Tracks are located in their greatest numbers.

The Clapham Junction Triangle is part of the Cart Ruts main area.
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Clapham Junction Triangle mystery

Cart Ruts mystery Clapham Junction Malta Triangle Cart Ruts Triangles found at Clapham Junction Malta include the geology mystery of the very puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle.

This very large rock triangle is found amongst and beside the Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at Clapham Junction Malta (Ghar-Il-Kbir).
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