Cart Tracks of Malta mystery – Isosceles Triangles

Cart Tracks mystery Isosceles Triangles Cart Tracks of Malta mystery – not only natural equilateral triangles made of limestone lines and Cart Tracks but man or nature creating isosceles triangles?

This triangle made of thicker limestone rock and is found near the top of the rolling hill, where the main Cart Tracks junction of Clapham Junction Malta is found.

Cart Tracks of Malta mystery – Isosceles Triangles

This shape is found a few meters below the Clapham Junction Triangle and gives further indication of how the Cart Ruts Triangles were formed. They appear to be formed of perpendicular rock lines. V’s are the junction point where 2 of them meet. The 3rd side of the triangles is where the other 2 lines have “come from” / “going to”, or, is another line that cuts across them. The southern end of the Clapham Junction Triangle shows the idea of the crossing much clearer.

For more photos of these triangles and others found at Clapham Junction click here to go to the Electric Youniverse (EYE) Cart Ruts Triangle photo album. You can also click on “Look at Dis!” in the links and other sites of interest box on the left hand side.

Malta mystery – Clapham Junction Cart Tracks and Triangles Map

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