Clapham Junction Malta guide

clapham junction malta guide cart ruts Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) – map, location and photograph guide to each section of Maltas most famous Cart Ruts location, known in Maltese as Ghar il-Kbir.

Clapham Junction Malta – it’s not just Cart Ruts. The guide – what and where to find all the mysteries
The complete photo guide to the mysteries of Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir) located between Buskett Gardens and Dingli Cliffs. WARNING – When you first get to Clapham Junction you will not be able to see any Cart Ruts! Need a photo guide?

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts


Pathfinder map and instructions to drive or walk to Clapham Junction (Buskett Woods)

Clapham Junction Malta site pathfinder and guides


Clapham Junction, Malta – East – A guide and photographs of how and where to start finding the Cart Ruts located at Clapham Junction close to Mdina (the silent city)

Cart Ruts Clapham Junction Malta, south field, intersecting

Clapham Junction, Malta – South – A guided photographic tour of this section of the Gћar il-Kbir Cart Ruts and strange geology that can be found here

The Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts Triangle


Stunning and unexplainable? Is this the No. 1 puzzle of Malta’s Clapham Junction? If Cart Ruts were worn away people why is there no damage to the amazing Clapham Junction Triangle?

Why do the areas around and between the Cart Ruts not show any signs of damage when the rock of the Ruts themselves has been worn away?

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts Triangles

The triangles of Clapham Junction – different types can be found all over the rolling hill tops of the Clapham Junction Cart Tracks site.

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts Squares

Puzzling limestone Cart Ruts Squares found at Clapham Junction, Malta

Perfect squares and rectangles made of lines of limestone rock can be found all around Clapham Junction (Malta) and it’s Cart Ruts.

Clapham Junction Malta Caves

There are a couple of caves at Clapham Junction. The main one is an impressive old troglodyte haunt. How was this cave formed? Why do Cart Ruts go to the edge of it?

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