Equilateral Triangles – Malta geology mystery

equilateral triangles clapham junction mystery Equilateral Triangles are part of a Malta geology and Clapham Junction mystery as they are found at Clapham Junction Malta where the Cart Tracks are located in their greatest numbers.

The Clapham Junction Triangle is part of the Cart Ruts main area.

Equilateral Triangles Malta geology mystery at Clapham Junction

How does nature create such perfect triangles and lines? This equilateral Cart Ruts Triangle is beside the longest of the Cart Ruts at Clapham Common. This Cart Rut is slightly strange in that one half is more of a Cart Track (flat) whilst where this rock equilateral triangle is found it is much deeper, so has the appearance of Cart Ruts. The area west of the Cart Rut part (northern slope of the rolling hill top) has other Electroblemes including Cart Ruts Boxes.

This triangle is made of lines and is close to being another perfect triangle shape. It is to the west side of the main Cart Ruts area, below the level of the Clapham Junction Triangle and seems to be slightly removed from the Cart Tracks.

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts and geology mystery map

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