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Clapham Junction, Malta - Cart Ruts
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Equilateral rock triangles?
Amazing triangles found around the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction, Malta
The Clapham Junction Triangle
If Cart Ruts were worn away how have these stunning triangles survived?
Cart Ruts going across a Bay?
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Cart Ruts - Triangles found at Clapham Junction, Malta

These rock triangles are found amoungst and beside the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction (Ghar-Il-Kbir), Malta

The Clapham Junction Triangle

This amazing rock line triangle is found in the middle of the most famous of the areas, the south slope on the rolling hill where lots of Cart Tracks are aligned, intersect and form puzzling sharp "switch points".

The Clapham Junction Triangle itself has a smaller triangle in one corner and one more attached to it. If the Cart Ruts on the Maltese Islands were made by man how come this Triangle amoungst the largest concentration of Cart Tracks has no visible damage due to wear and tear? One answer could be they were formed afterwards.

The southern end (down the slope) shows where the 2 lines making up this end cross and continue on. There is a Cart Rut that runs through this limestone triangle but a small lump of rock now partially blocks the rut. This puzzling feature likely means either the the Ruts were not made by man, that the rock has grown since the ruts were made or that the Cart Ruts Triangles were formed after the Cart Ruts.

Cart Ruts Equilateral Triangles

How does nature create such perfect triangles and lines? This equilateral Cart Ruts Triangle is beside the longest of the Cart Ruts at Clapham Common. This Cart Rut is slightly strange in that one half is more of a Cart Track (flat) whilst where this rock equilateral triangle is found it is much deeper, so has the appearance of Cart Ruts. The area west of the Cart Rut part (northern slope of the rolling hill top) has other Electroblemes including Cart Ruts Boxes.

This triangle is made of lines and is close to being another perfect triangle shape. It is to the west side of the main Cart Ruts area, below the level of the Clapham Junction Triangle and seems to be slightly removed from the Cart Tracks.

Isosceles Triangles and the V shape

Not just equilateral limestone triangles but isosceles triangles also? This triangle made of thicker rock is found near the top of the rolling hill, where the main junction of Clapham Junction is found.

This shape is found a few meters below the Clapham Junction Triangle and gives further indication of how the Cart Ruts Triangles were formed. They appear to be formed of perpendicular rock lines. V's are the junction point where 2 of them meet. The 3rd side of the triangles is where the other 2 lines have "come from" / "going to", or, is another line that cuts across them. The southern end of the Clapham Junction Triangle shows the idea of the crossing much clearer.

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Form guide for Cart Ruts triangles - how and when?

How are these strange geological features (Electroblemes?) formed around the Cart Ruts? How were the Cart Ruts created? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas, discussion and, maybe you providing the key idea, chat or look at the "form guide" in the forum.

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Clapham Junction Cart Ruts and Triangle Map

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