Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges

cart ruts tracks pairs ridges mystery clapham junction malta Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges seen at Clapham Junction – a limestone Malta geology mystery found around the Cart Tracks of Malta.

What mysterious geological process formed these ridges and Tetris Rocks style patterns that surround the pair of Cart Rut Ridges?

Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges found at Clapham Junction

Malta is famous for its Cart Ruts found all over the islands. Also found at the sites of the cart ruts are the associated gEUlogy of Cart Triangles, Boxes and other shapes. One of the more mysterious rock features though are the Cart Ridges. These smaller Cart Ridges usually go in pairs and in straight or curving lines. Sometimes though they appear to wander around the landscape.

Cart Ruts Ridges and Squares in a line, strange limestone rock lines photographed at Clapham Junction near Dingli Cliffs, Malta Islands

Why do you find Cart Ridges in the same locations as Cart Ruts? Are the Cart Ruts there because of the Cart Ridges or are the Cart Ridges there because of the Cart Ruts?
Actually “Cart Ridges” are found in other places than just near Cart Ruts. They are found near areas where there is evidence of Electric Universe activity.
Some of these Cart Ridges have Cart Squares inside them, formed by connecting lines between the 2 ridges. Were some Cart Boxes the start of Cart Ridges or the remains of them?

More photographs of these and other Cart Rut geology mysteries – Electric YouniversE

Mysterious Malta Cart Ruts Ridges Map

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