Syracuse Sicily Cart Ruts

Syracuse Siracusa Siracuse Sicily cart ruts tracks chariot Greek amphitheater roman great Syracuse Sicily is home to the Greek amphitheater or Great Theater of Syracuse has a number of Cart Ruts that appear to have been made by Greek or Roman Chariots coming to watch the entertainment.

The Syracuse (Siracusa or Siracuse as it is also known) Sicily Cart Tracks can be found at the back of the top of the hill where the Greek amphitheater has been formed out of the hillside.

Are these Chariot Ruts similar to the Cart Tracks found in Malta or are they of a different structure? Some Cart Ruts at Naxxar seem similar or is that just wanting them to look the same?

Syracuse Sicily Greek amphitheater chariot cart ruts tracks roman chariots

Do the Syracuse “Cart Ruts” confirm that the Cart Ruts found around the world were made by wheeled vehicles? But why, especially on Malta, do you have so many found beside each other and crossing each other and why Clapham Junction?

Is the only reason they were formed because the Syracuse Greek amphitheater was carved out of limestone or did the limestone attract whatever man made or natural force made the Cart Ruts?

Syracuse Sicily Cart Ruts (Chariot Tracks) location and map

37° 4’35.11″N

syracuse sicily cart ruts tracks location map chariot Greek amphitheater great roman

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