Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)

Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts Cart Tracks

Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts Cart Tracks Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) – these Cart Ruts are located near Tlaxcala in Mexico. Photographs by Josef Otto.

Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)

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Within the typical flat and dry area of the region passed by some wadis, dry courses of river, there are at the side of a nameless stream some curious structures on the ground.

The rocks remind of the rock faces of some glacial regions being smooth on the upper side. At this mostly stony ground parallel grooves with a depth of up to 40 cm are “runin”. The term “run in” has symbolic character as to remind of run in tracks in the snow for instance. These grooves have a length of 90 cm up to 9 m and run without any exception from East to West.

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Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) photographs and images album

Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) form guide

How were the Cart Ruts created? In exactly the same manner as those on Malta and in Spain? At the same time? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas and discussion look at the “form guide” in the Everything Is Eelectric forum.

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  • badbillybrookes

    Really not too much information on these tracks. Type of rock it was formed in would be most important. Does anyone have any information ?

    • I would guess that the rock is limestone as, to my knowledge at the moment, all the cart tracks are found in limestone rock and the Tlaxcala cart ruts area looks similar to other limestone locations.

      Seems when limestone gets wet its hardness is reduced and objects can slide over them much easier … if that is how they were formed?

      As you write, very little information on these Mexican cartruts. The few images come from a video that I can not now find. The video was in Spanish so if you speak that language you might be able to search for more information. And if you do find perhaps you could let us know on this page?