Cart Ruts Malta

clapham junction malta guide cart ruts

Cart Ruts Malta – the islands of Malta and Gozo are the most famous location of these mysterious and ancient paired grooves in the rock (also known as Cart Tracks).

clapham junction malta guide cart ruts

The most popular area in Malta for them is Clapham Junction (Misrah Ghar il-Kbir as it is known by the Maltese) due to the high number in total, multiple pairs beside each other for some unknown reason and that they even intersect each other in crazy spaghetti junctions.

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There are more Cart Ruts being discovered in other countries in Europe and America.

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What are the Cart Ruts?

What are the Cart Ruts? These are deep ruts, rilles, tracks, grooves, channels left in Malta’s limestone but in such numbers, variety and confusion that they leave more questions than answers.

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They are located all over the islands of Malta and Gozo and were even said to have been found on the tiny island of Fifla!

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If they were created and used by some form of vehicle then how did they move along some of these when the pairs of ruts are nearly a meter deep?

Why? Cart Ruts mystery

Why do the Cart Ruts on the islands of Malta and Gozo lead straight off high cliffs and isolated headlands?

Dwejra cart ruts Gozo Malta tracks Azure Window inland sea San Lawrenz

Why are some of them found leading into the sea and on the seabed floor?

ghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta BalduWhy do the Malta Cart Tracks areas have curious geology like the Clapham Junction Triangle?

If these apparant ancient green roads and tracks were man made then for what purpose? Why were the Cart Ruts created?

Where in Malta and the world?

turkey cart tracks Koltypin transport roads ancient ruts malta There are also other Cart Ruts locations around the world, with the internet helping othes be ‘discovered’ or brought to peoples attention. These can be similarly confusing and chaotic but some of them seem to have more substantial evidence that they were man made.

How were Malta’s Cart Ruts created?

san gwann cart tracks ruts malta islands How were Cart Ruts in Malta formed? Were they made by vehicles like wooden sleds or wheeled carts? Are they natural? Were they created for or by aliens/UFO’s? There are no records or mythology left by those who were around when these meandering paired tracks were created.

Who made the Cart Ruts?

Syracuse Siracusa Siracuse Sicily cart ruts tracks chariot Greek amphitheater roman greatWho made the Cart Ruts? Was it the Maltese Temple Builders, Romans, Phoenicians, Malta’s Bronze Age people or other original Maltese civilisation and people?

How old are Malta’s Cart Tracks and those in other countries?

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts site guide East How old are the Maltese Cart Ruts?

When were the Cart Tracks started and used? When were other countries Cart Ruts sites developed?

Cart Ruts Malta site

cart ruts malta gozo man made evidence tracks formatiion construction created formed This site investigates the Cart Ruts mysteries and has unique photo guides to the main Maltese Cart Ruts sites, with more being added.

Visit the Cart Ruts Blog for a list of all the posts about Malta and Gozo’s Cart Tracks and also those that are found around the rest of the planet.

Cart Ruts mysteries and evidence?

St Georges Bay malta underwater Cart Ruts Tracks
With Maltese Cart Ruts going off high cliff tops, Cart Ruts located on the sea floor, Cart Tracks in mass numbers intersecting each other in total chaos as seen at Clapham Junction and San Gwann Junction.

Even the Ghar Zerriegha site that appears to show defining evidence that the Malta Cart Ruts were man made is perhaps not so 100% conclusive when you consider about what is in the area and if these were formed at the same time or for the same reason.

Photo guides to Malta’s Cart Rut sites

Below are some of the unique photograph guides and investigations to the site on Malta and Gozo. These are the main sites. For a full list of our Malta photo guides click here or for those in other countries click here.

Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction Maltaclapham junction malta guide cart ruts – most famous Cart Ruts site of the island of Malta and the largest number of Cart Tracks.

Puzzling geology with perfect natural triangles and Tetris Rocks


Naxxar Gap

Naxxar Gap Cart Rutsnaxxar cart ruts malta Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts – Cart Tracks curving down the Great Fault escarpment in sweeping curves.

If the Cart Ruts went down, how and where did they come up the Great Fault Line?


Ghar Zerriegha

ghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu Ghar Zerriegha Cart Tracks – Cart Ruts going off a Cliff? Where did they lead to?

Man made evidence with steps in the middle of the Cart Ruts?