Cart Ruts books

cart ruts book david trump and their impact on the Maltese landscape

malta cart rut books tracks gozo david trump malteseThere are not many books about Cart Ruts and the only ones available to buy are mainly about Gozo and Malta’s Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) and not those found in other countries.

D H Trump (David Trump) is the main published book author at the moment and he mentions and investigates the Maltese Cart Ruts in a few books.

A couple of these are mainly about the megalith structures found on the islands of Malta and Gozo – known as Malta’s Temples. The Cart Ruts are a small section in them.

But these books are excellent if you are interested in the history of Malta and all its ancient puzzles and mysteries.

Cart Ruts and their impact on the Maltese landscape by D Trump

cart ruts book david trump and their impact on the Maltese landscape David Trump’s Cart Ruts and their impact on the Maltese landscape book is available at or

It is expensive but if you are interested in reading a very detailed investigation into Malta’s Cart Ruts then what choice do you have? Apart from looking at them on this site.

You can read a rare but short interview with David Trump about some of his ideas and how things have changed over the 50 years he has been investigating the Maltese grooves.

Malta: Prehistory and Temples by David Trump

Malta Prehistory and Temples book d h trump gozo david cart ruts tracks maltese

Another David H Trump’s book is Malta: Prehistory and Temples and it is available on and

This has a section dedicated to the ancient Maltese Cart Tracks and that starts at page 280.

Malta: an archaeological guide by D H Trump

malta an archaeological guide book david trump maltas gozos cart ruts tracks

The other book by David Trump is called Malta: an archaeological guide and is also available on and

This D Trump book looks at Malta’s Cart Tracks starting at page 24.

Cheaper David Trump books about Malta’s Cart Ruts?

Amazon seems expensive for D Trumps books but you can get them direct from Malta. They are much cheaper to initially buy but then you will have to add on international shipping costs. It seems you can only buy his books using a Credit Card but that may change. You may be able to get these books on the history of Malta for just over half the price, depending on where you live.

Midsea Books Ltd are the publisher and the other place to purchase them from is Book Distributors Limited