Cart Ruts and aliens / UFO’s?

malta temples antenna electromagnetic energy pattern diagram

clapham junction malta guide cart rutsSome people suggest that the purpose of the Cart Ruts are for aliens and UFO’s – usually for an energy purpose.

Many people will not agree with the UFO Cart Ruts theory but until it is 100% proven that Cart Ruts were man made and for what purpose this still has to be considered as a possible reason of what and why Malta’s Cart Tracks were created.

San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts Tal-Mensija Cart TracksAlien/UFO believers – in relation to the ancient and mysterious Malta Cart Tracks – can quickly ask how do mainstream people explain the craziness of Clapham Junction or San Gwann Junction? How and why were they formed like that? What possible reason would so many ancient roads be made in such a crazy mixture?

What about other countries Cart Ruts? Were they built or used for UFO’s / aliens?

There is another article about the theories of Erich Von Daniken in relationship to the Cart Ruts on the islands of Malta and Gozo in his Signs of the Gods book.

Message To Eagle have also mentioned Daniken’s and especially Joseph Ellul’s research and ideas about advanced civilisations being responsible for creating the cart ruts network.

Did a highly advanced Antediluvian civilization once inhabit Malta, a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea?

What kind of sophisticated machinery was responsible for the creation of strange ruts carved into the rock which are found in many parts of Malta?

… According to Joseph S. Ellul’s (1920-2011) research there are several reasons to consider the idea that Malta is much older than orthodox science is willing to admit. In his opinion, Malta was part of Atlantis. Later, Noah’s Flood (the Great Flood) inundated a number of Malta’s prehistoric monuments, some of which are still submerged.

Joseph S. Ellul invastigated Malta’s cart-ruts and concluded that the tracks were created by heavy machinery rather than wheels. He suggests that they served a regular and controlled “tracks” traffic. It was a scheduled traffic of some kind.
Unknown Highly Advanced Civilization Created Malta’s Cart Ruts With Sophisticated Machinery | Message To Eagle

Malta and alien / UFO structures?

malta temples antenna electromagnetic energy pattern diagramA number of UFO followers believe that the natural energy of the universe and our world (Lay Lines and Telluric Curents for example) was used by Malta’s Temple Builders either during the building of the megalith structures, or especially, as the purpose of Malta’s Temples. There are also a lot of non UFO believers who think that the Maltese megalithic buildings were used and designed to harness the benefits of natural energy – perhaps for healing and electroculture purposes.

cart ruts ufo aliens energy malta tracks Misqa tanksMalta has a lot of what are called ancient cisterns or underground storage tanks – some are in very bizarre places that make no logistical or practical sense. Again some UFO or alien believers suggest that these structures – especially the Misqa tanks – were used to store energy to recharge visiting UFO’s.

The massive cisern/tank found at the amazing Il-Maqluba crater at Qrendi is also where the Maltese mythology and folklore say that an incredible event happened. The area that forms this stunning whole in the ground was lifted up and thrown out by some force, the local very Catholic population suggest it was by God, others say giants.

cart ruts aliens ufos malta natural electromagnetic energy Il-Maqluba cistern tanksThe fact that you have half a tank left at the side of the crater could be used as evidence of some natural energy event – what or who caused that is up for furious debate.

Does the discovery or internet exposure of more and more similar Cart Ruts sites around the world help or hinder the belief that these strange ancient grooves were formed by or for aliens or UFO’s?