Cart Ruts off cliffs?

cart ruts plateau drop mystery puzzle tracks malta gozo

cart ruts plateau drop mystery puzzle tracks malta gozoCart Ruts on Malta and Gozo appear to go off cliff tops and up or down the sides of escarpments/plateaus where there is a very steep drop of 1 or 2 meters.

Gozo and Malta’s Cart Ruts going off cliff tops

cart ruts off cliffs malta gozo tracks Cart Ruts on Malta that go off high land include Ghar Zerriegha (Ta-Baldu) and il-Pellegrin (Fomm Ir-Rih). Gozo also has Cart Ruts that are beside cliffs including Ta Cenc and the Azure Window (Dwejra).

Some people state that the Gozo Cart Tracks at the Azure Window go over cliff tops but that does not seem to be the case in the ones I have found but it might be true for others higher up towards San Lawrenz? These ones appear to drop down the sharp edge of a plateau.

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Malta’s Cart Tracks going off the land and off cliffs raises a few puzzles and mysteries, here are a few starter questions:
Where were they going to and what was there?
How old are the Cart Ruts if the land beyond the cliffs has disappeared?
Does this show that there were some catastrophic events that hit the islands of Malta and Gozo?

Gozo and Maltese Cart Tracks going down steep drops

cart tracks escarpments ruts maltese islands gozo drops offA number of the Gozitan and Maltese Cart Tracks locations seem to have Cart Ruts that go down/up steep meter(s) high drops in the rock plateaus. Examples include Dwejra and Naxxar Gap. Fomm Ir-Rih Bay Cart Ruts also go down a steep drop but you have to follow them down the slope for a hundred or so meters.

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For Maltese Cart Ruts going up/down very steep drops in the rock there are other questions to start with:
How did they go up/down these meter high drops without spilling the load or breaking the vehicles?
Why did theses roads/routes have to go in that precise location?