Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) locations around the world

portugal cart ruts tracks map location

portugal cart ruts tracks map location Strada's Real vale d'egua or Chas de Egua Mountain Piodao Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) locations around the world – quick list of Cart Ruts located in other countries apart from Malta. Some are an unexplained mystery while others appear to have a very realist explanation.


Vehicle tracks, Phrygia Valley, Turkey – lots of ancient Cart Ruts.


Solana de la Pedrera Spain Cart Ruts (photographs only of these Spanish Cart Ruts)


Tlaxcala Mexico Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)


Portugal Strada’s Real (Cart Ruts or Tracks) – near the vale d’egua or Chas de Egua Mountain (Piodao) Serra da Estrela Grid Reference: 40.233˚ N, 7.816˚ W


Terceira Azores Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)


Anse de St Croix France Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)


Vuiteboeuf Vaud Switzerland Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)
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Apsheron Peninsula Azerbaijan and Beyuk Zire (former Nargin) island in the Baku bay – Cart Ruts and Cart Tracks


Cidade de Sousa in Paraiba Brazil Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) video


Mallorca Cart Ruts?


Syracuse Siracusa Siracuse Sicily cart ruts tracks chariot Greek amphitheater roman great

Syracuse Sicily Amphitheater and Cart Ruts (Cart Ruts) or Chariot Ruts/Tracks – leading into the top of the Syracuse Amphitheater are Cart Ruts that are said to be made by the local wealthy dignitaries coming into the Amphitheater in their chariots.


Pitigliano Italy Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks)

Pitigliano is home to a series of artificial cuts into the tufa rock to varying depths ranging from less than one meter to over 10 meters. At the bottom of these cuts (Italian: tagliate) are carved channels, apparently for water, although some take the form of steps. The purpose of the cuts is not known: the three main theories are that they were roads, quarries, or water conveyance schemes; they radiate outward from the base of the butte of Pitigliano, down to the rivers then back to the top of the plateau that surrounds the town. A few very brief Etruscan inscriptions are said to have been found on the walls of the cuts, but are ill documented.
Pitigliano (Wiki)

Alessano Puglia Italy solchi di carro (Cart Ruts or Cart Tracks)

In the immediate vicinity of the village of Alessano (LE) is open to the protohistoric site of Masseria Macore. The video documents the presence of so-called “grooves of chariot”. Archaeology has not yet been able to explain nor their function, nor how and when these cuts in the rock have been made. Until a few years ago were believed to be a type of work related to the megalithic culture of the island of Malta (eg Clapham Junction). Now they are found in other places not only in the Mediterranean but also in Armenia and Peru (El Rodadero).
In Italy are known in Tuscany (Pitigliano and Viterbo), Lazio (Giulianello), Puglia (Alessano) and Sardinia (Alghero). You think there are in Sicily and other regions yet to be documented.
As the monumental inland quarries of Tuscany and Lazio, the grooves seem to be linked to cults and religious rituals. In the immediate vicinity, there is always the presence of tombs and local contact point to the cult with the forces of nature, in particular the “priest” issued from the depths of the earth.

santa cecilia viterbo italy cart ruts tracks
Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at Santa Cecilia, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

Photos of Pitigliano Italy Cart Ruts and other Cart Tracks located around the world including Sassari Italy, Alessano Lecce Italy, Nemi Roma Italy, Santa Cecilia Viterbo Lazio Italy and Samaipata Bolivia.

Youtube video of Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at Santa Cecilia, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy