Cart Ruts - mysteries
The mysterious and puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle in Maltaphotograph of underwater Cart Ruts on the sea floor at St George's Bay in Maltacrazy Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) Junction at San Gwann near St Julians in MaltaCart Ruts - Cart Tracks - leading off a cliff top at Ras Il-Pellegrin (Fomm Ir-Rih) in Malta
The Clapham Junction Triangle
If Cart Ruts were worn away how have these stunning triangles survived?
Underwater Cart Ruts?
Cart Ruts found on the sea floor at St Georges Bay, Malta
San Gwan crazy Cart Ruts Junction
If worn away how many trips did it take? Or has the top layer of Malta changed?
Cart Track to know where?
Ancient unsolved puzzle and mystery - Cart Ruts straight off a cliff top

Cart Ruts - mysteries

Cart Ruts going off a Cliff - Fomm Ir-Rih Bay

Cart Ruts + high cliff top = the unsolved mystery of (Ras il-Pellegrin).
Breathtaking beauty. Guide map and exclusive images of this historic mystery

Underwater Cart Ruts - St George's Bay

Cart Ruts that appear to cross St Georges Bay? Cart Ruts on the sea floor? It is even stranger than it sounds. What don't you sea? Unique underwater Cart Ruts photos.
Location map and directions and a snorkelling guide

Cart Rut Ridges - Bingemma Gap, Victoria Lines

Cart Ruts and stunning Cart Ruts Ridges along the Dwerja Line section (Victoria Lines)

The mystery shapes found amongst the Cart Ruts

Triangles - squares, Tetris Rocks and oblongs - ridges - parallel cutting lines...