Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) mystery – geology

Malta Cart Ruts Cart Tracks mystery - geology

Malta Cart Ruts Cart Tracks mystery - geologyMalta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) mystery – geology – surrounding the Cart Ruts of Bingemma Gap – near the Nadur Tower beside Malta’s Victoria Lines in Malta, are some stunning Cart Ruts Ridges. These particular Cart Ridges are located to the west of the main area of Bingemma Cart Ruts.

Natural lines near Malta’s Victoria Lines.


Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) mystery – geology at Bingemma Gap (Nadur)

These limestone lines start West above the large section of Cart Ruts, in a seperated field. Enter by the wide open gate and to your left (west) you will see the first snaking lines.


The Cart Ridges in this first section seem to join together.


The south part of the line has “feeder” lines, similar to the lines found on the Grey Rock Lines at Pembroke

Girna the Hutt.


Carrying on West up towards the Girna (Maltese Stone Hut) and the Nadur Tower (a Lascaris Watchtower) the larger Cart Lines reappear


Cart Ridges, in parallel lines develop to the North

Nadur Tower – A Lascaris Watchtower


Nadur Tower in Malta was built by Juan de Lascaris-Castellar Grand Master of the Knights of Malta. It is officially a Lascaris Tower but the Maltese call them one of the “de Redin Towers”

The Nadur Tower is now located in a sad position, surrounded by fences and telephone poles. Although no Cart Ruts are left or can be found around it there is the special Maltese Grey Rock with its associated brain pattern or possible Negative Lichtenberg Figure and a little bit of FUR

This Grey Rock and linked pattern is found in other areas of Cart Ruts in Malta but also where you find Electroblemes or srange and unexplainable Geology

Does the 1st image look like a lightning strike?

How are these strange geological features formed around the Cart Ruts? How were the Cart Ruts created? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas, discussion and, maybe you providing the key idea look and comment at the “in the EverythingIsElectric forum” on how the Maltese Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) were formed and the mystery of their use, location, age and when were the Maltese Cart Ruts formed?

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