When were the Cart Ruts made?

zerriegha cart ruts steps malta tracks Ta-Baldu till Imtahleb Mtahleb human evidence proof man made

zerriegha cart tracks steps malta Mtahleb Rabat Rabbat mysterious puzzling quarry rutsWhen were the Cart Ruts made? When were they used and for what purpose? How old are Malta’s Cart Ruts and those in other countries?

When were the Cart Tracks on Malta formed? Were they created in pre history? In Malta’s Bronze Age or Iron Age? Where the Maltese Cart Ruts made during the Temple Building phases on the Maltese islands of Malta and Gozo?

When were the Cart Tracks made in other countries? Especially the Turkish Cart Ruts and those in Mexico?

bidnija cart ruts malta tracks maltese maltasThe question of when were the Cart Ruts formed, how many years ago, is obviously linked to the question or answer of who created the Cart Ruts.

But may not be so simple to define a precise period when they were mades as were the Cart Ruts made over a long time period by many different civilisations in each country or just during a very short period?

When were Malta’s Cart Ruts made?

ghar-zerriegha-cart-ruts-malta-imageThe most obvious answer is that Malta’s Cart ruts were made when Malta’s megalithic builders were building those amazing massive limestone structures that we now call Temples.

But why are so many of the Cart ruts not found near known Maltese megalith Temples? If they were for construction purpose then most of the Cart Tracks should have a starting or end point at an ancient limestone quarry? Most do not and Malta’s Cart Ruts cover a lot of the island.

The Romans and Greeks used chariots and the Romans certainly had a presence on the island, did Roman chariots and carts form the Maltese Cart Ruts?

When were other countries Cart Ruts formed?

cart ruts yazılıkaya plateau, Central Anatolia, Turkey tracks vehicles ancient cars roadsOther countries that have Cart Tracks are likely to have been formed when there was a dominating advanced civilisation in that area.

Examples are the Syracuse Cart Ruts in Sicily that appear to be chariot ruts or tracks created by the Greeks. Another possible dating for Cart Ruts in Turkey is during its Phrygia period.