Clapham Junction Cart Ruts – East field

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts site guide East

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts site guide East Clapham Junction Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) – East field guide to the starting section of the most famous location for Cart Ruts in Malta.

When you first arrive at Clapham Junction and Ghar il-Kbir (Great Cave) there is nothing to see! Just rolling hilltops covered in grey limestone rock, Dingli Radar Dome and Buskett Gardens in the distance.

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) guide

Either follow the sandy road to the right as you come up the hill or follow the tarmac road until you get to the bungalow on the top. You still will not be able to see anything more apart from the limestone Quarry to the South but you are now closer to starting.

Malta's cart ruts east field location at clapham junction Walk away from the house towards the telephone pole (west).

Malta’s natural terracing?

malta limestone terraces terracing mediterranean clapham junction Natural terracing is all over Clapham Junction but especially in lines on the east side (going south to north).

If you filled in the depression part and put a wall at the front you would have terracing. Malta has large amounts of terracing yet has never had a big population, maybe they used the natural landscape they found.

Perhaps it is the same for other peoples around the mediterranean and the world?

Left or right

When you reach the telegraph pole you can go right (North field) or left (South field) or if you follow the main pathway to the North that then goes West you will get to the main Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction.

To your left is the less visited south field with its own unique Cart Tracks formation, terracing and some very strange limestone geology. It is only 1 minute away, so if you are not rushed for time then it is worth spending 10 minutes looking around. If you do visit it then look at the very grey rocks and try to work out why they are that colour and are like rock outcrops.

Cart Ruts and micro craters?

cart ruts east field at Malta's Clapham Junction location This Cart Rut is not that long, when you are in the middle of it and when you look back to the house you get this view then you are close to the micro-crater.

malta limestone craters mediterranean europe impact EDM geology clapham junction You will notice with all Cart Ruts that there are no signs around or amongst the Cart Ruts of any sign of damage or the ground being worn away. This is especially true when you consider the Clapham Junction Triangle.

mediterranean craters maltaThis possible ancient vehicle road has what looks very much like a micro crater in its center. How could mysterious geology feature survive if the tracks were worn away by sleds or wheeled transport moving heavy loads over multiple journeys?

There are many more mini craters found all over the island of Malta. How were they formed? What are they?

Strange Geology – Triangles

malta limestone geology shapes features triangles mystery strange maltese As you walk away from the house and towards the phone pole you will see to your left these unusual lines making up perpendicular lines and a triangle.

malta limestone crater formation origin geology electric discharge machining clapham junction This is not the only rock triangle you will around the site. They can be found in a variety of forms and sizes, including the strange Clapham Junction Triangle.

clapham junction malta limestone lines strange puzzling geology

Also, why is the limestone rock very rough in some places but within a few inches or feet it can be very smooth?