Clapham Junction Cart Tracks – site guide to South field

Clapham Junction Cart Tracks site guide South

Clapham Junction Cart Tracks site guide South Malta’s Clapham Junction Cart Tracks (Cart Ruts) site guide and photo guide to the South field of Ghar il Kbir (Maltese for the Clapham Junction location), the largest and most famous Cart Track location in Malta and the world.

Malta’s Clapham Junction Cart Tracks site guide

This small section south of the main Cart Tracks at Clapham Junction is less visited but has some interesting gEUlogy including Cart Tracks double triangle or parallelogram, Grey Rock lumps and a very odd thin twin line that has a different mineral in it and leads to the parallelogram/triangle.

Cart Tracks south field

These are Cart Tracks that turn into Cart Ruts. The intersect creating a wide junction, similar to the main Cart Ruts at this site but different compared to the Cart Ruts “Spaghetti Junction” at San Gwann.

This part of the Junction shows a very well defined curving rut. Why do they intersect and curve so smoothly. Does this show the widest width of whatever formed this particular Rut and why is the rest of it so wide yet this part so narrow?

The Cart Ruts are wide but then you have these middle raised sections which do not extend the full length of the Cart Ruts.

Grey Rock lumps – Out(crop)standing?

malta cart tracks grey gray rock outcrops limestoneIn the south field of Clapham Junction you will find these weird lumps of grey limestone rock.

This is the same type of grey rock you will find at the top of the main Clapham Junction Cart Tracks and other places on the Maltese islands where there is unusual geology features.

rock snake malta limestone geology pembrokeOne such place is Pembroke on top of the rolling hill / mini escarpement. Here you find Grey Rock in outcrops and amazing and stunning lines.

Lichtenberg figure pattern on rocks?

On the Grey Rock at Clapham Junction and other locations is found a consistant pattern that at first glance looks like a brain pattern. If you invert the colour of the image you will see that it resembles a negative Lichtenberg Figure.

If these grey rocks are outcrops then why do they look so fresh and virtually no signs of erosion or breaking down? They may have been formed more recently than is assumed or are they still forming or at least maintaining their shape?

Triangles or Parallelograms?

Cutter lines going across the Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta (south field). One line is different to the other, opposite polarities or different energyParallelograms or triangle shapes made by lines, close to the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir), Malta

Thin lines cuts across the Cart Ruts in the south field of Clapham Junction. The rock is a slightly different mineral in one of these lines. Along the extension of these lines is this bizarre formation. It looks to be another Cart Triangle but it could be a Parallelogram.

doppel rock dreieck form doppio triangolo roccia forma -cart ruts malta clapham junction, misrah ghar il kbirline cutters caused by electric discharge of local Telluric Current or a Plasma discharge? Foto taken at Malta's Cart Ruts (Cart Track)

This particlular rock may show how the other shapes are formed and may give a clue as to how the Clapham Junction Triangle came into existence. If the Cart ruts Triangles and other strange geological features were created by a Plasma Discharge Event these lines and shapes could be where Electric Universe activity occured.

Patricks Triangle or Parallelograms? Lines making up what shape but what caused the lines? Photographed at Malta's Clapham Junction Cart RutsPatrickjs Triangle - triangular or Parallelograms shapes in rock near Dingli cliffs and the Maltese Cart Tracks at claphamjunction, Malta

This particular triangle is located along the path of some “line cutters”. Thin straight lines that slice through the rocks and Cart ruts. The Clapham Junction Triangle also has a pair of lines running close along its top. The Cart Ruts at San Gwann’s junction also have Line Cutters with a similar feature that one of them has altered rock in it, as though it has been changed to sandstone or some orange mineral.

Clapham Junction Cart Tracks Line Cutters or Creators?

Line cutters across the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction, Ghar il-Kbir, Malta. The lines dissecting the Cart Tracks are different to each other and appear to slice through the Cart Ruts and Limestone host rockThe cutter lines continue and at near one end you can find Patricks' Triangle created by other intersecting lines

Distinct lines cut across the lower Cart Ruts in the south field. One is very different to the others. It has the orange coloured mineral (might be sandstone but likely to be iron rich) in it that is seen on other Electroblemes at Clapham Junction and other locations around Malta.

The material in one of the lines is very different to the surrounding area, looking like an iron mineral or iron rich sandstone. Why and how is this mineral different to the rest of the area? It may have been physically altered by an energy dischargefilamentary plasma discharge seen in rock as iron deposits - Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta near Dingli Cliffs

Malta’s Clapham Junction Cart Tracks Form Guide

Cart Ruts Electrobleme shapes seem to be formed from parralell lines and connecting feeder or branch lines>Connecting lines or discharges between the main power lines appears to explain the shapes of the puzzling associated geology of the Cart Ruts, Malta (photo Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts)

One puzzle that is unlikely to be fully answered is how were the Cart Ruts of Malta and around the world formed?

We may not be able to say for certain how the strange Cart Ruts shapes were formed but we can start to work out some ideas and theories. The shapes appear to follow or be created between lines.

More on how the Cart Ruts and Cart Ruts associated shapes were formed, either click here or on the “Form Guide” link on the side bar.