Clapham Junction Triangle mystery

Cart Ruts mystery Clapham Junction Malta Triangle

Cart Ruts mystery Clapham Junction Malta Triangle Cart Ruts Triangles found at Clapham Junction Malta include the geology mystery of the very puzzling Clapham Junction Triangle.

This very large rock triangle is found amongst and beside the Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at Clapham Junction Malta (Ghar-Il-Kbir).

Clapham Junction Triangle and Cart Ruts geology mystery

This amazing rock line triangle is found in the middle of the most famous of the areas, the south slope on the rolling hill where lots of Cart Tracks are aligned, intersect and form puzzling sharp “switch points”.

The Clapham Junction Triangle itself has a smaller triangle in one corner and one more attached to it. If the Cart Ruts on the Maltese Islands were made by man how come this Triangle amoungst the largest concentration of Cart Tracks has no visible damage due to wear and tear?

One answer could be they were formed afterwards. There even seems to be limestone ‘growth’ intruding into one of the Cart Ruts tracks that cuts through the Clapham Junction Triangle. Or does that mean the Clapham Junction Triangle was formed after the Cart Ruts of Malta?

The southern end (down the slope) shows where the 2 lines making up this end cross and continue on. There is a Cart Rut that runs through this limestone triangle but a small lump of rock now partially blocks the rut. This puzzling feature likely means either the the Ruts were not made by man, that the rock has grown since the ruts were made or that the Cart Ruts Triangles were formed after the Cart Ruts.

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts and Triangle Map