Dwejra Cart Ruts, Gozo

Dwejra cart ruts Gozo Malta tracks Azure Window inland sea San Lawrenz

Dwejra cart ruts Gozo Malta tracks Azure Window inland sea San LawrenzDwejra Cart Ruts on the Maltese island of Gozo are located near the impressive natural features of the Azure Window, the breathtaking Inland Sea (crater?) found beneath the San Lawrenz village.

azure window cart ruts tracks island of Gozo Malta MalteseThe Id-Dwejra Cart Tracks are mysteriously found on a raised plateau with the main deep channel pair of Cart Ruts going down or up the side of the limestone plateau. This plateau has a drop of over a metre. Why or how they did this is a puzzle. Why are these Gozo Cart ruts here?

inland sea cart ruts Gozo tracks roadways ancient temple builders maltaYou will find a couple of main and deep pairs of rilles, and then some other shallower pairs. They wander up the sloping rock towards San Lawrenz.

Dwejra Cart Ruts Gozo geology mystery

dwejra cart ruts geology gozo malta azure window inland seaWhat is interesting about the Dwejra Cart tracks is the geology around, in and through the Cart Ruts. Some of the pairs channels are cut through with ‘dykes’ or vertical faults. The dykes also seem to be in pairs, with each one slightly different in composition to its other pair.

dwejra geology gozo mystery puzzle azure window inland seaThis mystery of pairs of faults that change the host matrix rock (limestone) to different material are also found effecting the Clapham Junction Cart Ruts and also the Cart Ruts Junction at San Gwann.

There are also Dyke swarms on Quartz Island which is part of St Pauls Island at the entrance to St Pauls Bay, Malta.

For more photographs and a deeper investigation into the Inland Sea Cart Ruts and the possible Electric Universe theory explanation for the mysterious geology features found here visit this Gozo Cart Ruts – Dwejra (Inland Sea) article and an article dedicated to the Dwejra dykes.