Cart Ruts manmade evidence?

cart ruts man made evidence tracks malta turkey maltese

cart ruts man made evidence tracks malta turkey malteseIs there evidence that Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks, vehicle tracks, ancient roadways, grooves etc) were manmade?

The most famous Cart Tracks area in the world are the Malta’s Cart Ruts and there is no direct evidence that they are manmade.

But other countries with Cart Ruts do seem to have supporting evidence.

No matter what you read to the contrary – anyone claiming proof or evidence or just stating that Malta’s Cart Tracks were made by man – has no evidence. It is just the accepted theory. Even if it may be obvious to them or you, there is no actual evidence in Malta or Gozo – as the Temple Builders or whoever created these supposed ancient vehicle roadways left no written, verbal, pictorial or physical evidence.

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But what about Cart Ruts in other countries? Are these Cart Tracks man made? Can that be used as circumstantial evidence for the Maltese Cart Ruts being created by human action and transportation?

Thanks to the internet there are now a lot more known sites with Cart Ruts and these seem to help with how were the Cart Ruts created. Although some give rise to more questions or do not confirm other important questions like when and how?

Phrygia Valley Cart Ruts manmade evidence

phrygian turkey cart ruts tracks roads paths limestone ancient roadsThe Turkey Cart Tracks in the Phrygia Valley are certainly spectacular and like most of these ancient paired grooves in the limestone rock look very similar to those around the world.

The Phrygia Cart Ruts photographs show what has to be considered by many people as proof and evidence that these mysterious tracks in the rocks were made by some sort of wooden sled or cart with high sides or a platform.

phrygian turkey vehicle tracks ancientThese Turkish Cart Tracks shown below seem to also have scrapping marks higher up in the rock. Are these scratch marks made by the multiple passings of a ancient vehicle?

I have not seen anything like this on the islands of Malta or Gozo but then the Cart Ruts on those islands do not seem to pass beside high blocks of limestone rock.

These photographs are from Andrey Kuznetsov’s article on the Phrygian Valley.

phrygian valley turkey cart ruts tracks vehicles aliens humans proof evidenceAnd what does this photo show? Notice the very smooth and defined lines and the seemingly inwards slanting cut.

Were some of these or some parts of them cut by hand? In Malta they do cut out shapes in the wet limestone (as wet limestone is much weaker than dry limestone) – to form salt pans, water troughs and bathing pools.

Syracuse Cart Ruts, Italy

Syracuse Sicily Greek amphitheater chariot cart ruts tracks roman chariotsThe Sicily Cart Ruts at the Great Theater of Syracuse (Greek amphitheater) seem to imply with very strong evidence that they were created by man – Roman or Greek chariots as they made their way into and out of the limestone amphitheater.

Other human made Cart Ruts evidence?

Some of the other Cart Ruts around the world seem to have proof that they were made, adopted or used by human activity. Some seem to lead to and from quarries.

Man made Malta Cart Ruts evidence?

cart ruts malta gozo man made evidence tracks formatiion construction created formedWhy is there no definite evidence that Malta’s Cart Ruts were man made?

Apart from the supposed steps in the middle of the Cart Ruts at Ghar Zerriegha (Ta-Baldu)?

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Can the supposed evidence from other ancient roadways for vehicles be used to prove that they were made by man?