Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts

ghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu

temple builders solar obvservatory complexghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts are perhaps in the most atmospheric location of the Maltese Cart Tracks, they also have with lots of mystery and perhaps the only physical evidence on the whole island of Malta and Gozo that the Cart Ruts are man made.

But if this is evidence or proof that the Cart Ruts were made by man why is this the only site in all of the 100’s if not 1000’s of Cart Ruts that cover the whole of Malta?

Ghar Zerriegha (also known as Mtahleb, Ghar Zerrieq or even Ta-Baldu Cart Ruts) has cart ruts that go over and off the cliff top, cart tracks that curve round the cliff top edge and perhaps most important are the cart ruts that appear to show evidence of how they were formed for for what use as they seem to have ‘steps’ in the middle of them. These cart ruts with steps may show that there are a number of different types or uses for Malta’s cart ruts.

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Ruts over cliff top

ghar zerrieq cart ruts malta tracks maltese maltas over cliff of top side mystery puzzleLocated right beside the road that goes down into the cliff side village is a pair of deep Cart Ruts that go over the Cliff top and into the wonderful Mtahleb Valley. The Malta mystery of why would Cart Ruts go off tops of cliffs is also joined by the mystery of where exactly were the Maltese Cart Ruts go to or coming from? How long ago were they formed because there is a Valley there and not coastal erosion?

temple builders solar obvservatory complexWere they to do with the possible ancient and possible Temple Builders Solar Observatory Complex that can be seen down in the Mtahleb Valley?

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Tracks – man made evidence?

Malta’s Ghar Zerriegha Cart Tracks have 3 bits where you can see squares in the middle of them, that look like steps for animals or humans.

cart ruts malta gozo man made evidence tracks formatiion construction created formed

Are these different types of Cart Ruts to the others found in this area or on the islands of Malta and Gozo? Were they created for the quarry you can find around them?

zerriegha cart ruts steps malta tracks  Ta-Baldu till Imtahleb Mtahleb human evidence proof man made

Why do you not seem to find this type of Cart Rut elsewhere on the islands of Malta or Gozo?

If humans or animals were pulling or pushing the transportation vehicles then there should be more physical marks and evidence like these steps?

zerriegha cart tracks steps malta Mtahleb Rabat Rabbat mysterious puzzling quarry ruts

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Ruts Map and Location

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Ruts locations coordinates below can help you to find out where the Cart Tracks are on a map (Google Earth located)

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Ruts going off the cliff top (and car parking area)

Ghar Zerriegha Cart Ruts
(steps 2 and 3 Cart Tracks around this location)

(steps 1 long Cart Ruts)

(Cart Ruts curving round cliff edge corner)

(Cart Ruts and the quarry)