Cart Ruts - Squares / Rectangles
Cart Ruts Equilateral Triangles formed by limestone rock lines photographed at Clapham Junction near Dingli Cliffs, Maltese IslandsPuzzling rock Cart Ruts Squares found at Clapham Junction, Buskett Woods (Gardens), MaltaCart Ruts Ridges and rectangles in a line.  Unusual limestone rock lines photographed at Clapham Junction near Buskett Woods, Islands of MaltaThe mystery of the Cart Ruts leading of the top of a Cliff in Malta - Fomm Ir-Rih Bay
Equilateral rock triangles?
Amazing triangles found around the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction, Malta
Cart Ruts Ridges
Cart Ridges found near Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction
Cart Ruts Squares
How are these perfect squares formed out of limestone rock?
Cart Ruts off a cliff?
Why do these Cart Ruts lead off a Cliff? How much has Malta's Geology changed?

Cart Ruts - Square and Rectangular shaped rock lines

Stunning square and rectangular (oblong) shapes created from limestone rock lines. Found not just at Clapham Junction but around other Cart Ruts sites and other location in Malta where you find Electroblemes.

Cart Squares and Oblongs

Mysterious Cart Ruts Squares found at Clapham Junction, MaltaPuzzling limestone Cart Ruts Squares found at Clapham Junction, Malta

Lines of rock creating a perfect square box. Not just one box but lots of squares and oblongs. Notice the curving rock line in the middle. If these lines are due to rock being pushed together or folded how is the center line curving and not the flat perimeter lines?

How does Geology form TWO squares of slightly different sizes joined together?

Especially interesting is the narrow "mini canyons" in the middle of the ridge lines making up the square shape. It is also seen in the center partition line. This "mini canyon" line also affects a stub section of rock on the bottom line but does not go completely through the line. What can cause something like this?

Cart Ruts Rectangles found at Clapham Junction, Malta

A rectangle shape also showing the same "mini canyon" shape. This "mini canyon" is found in other places where these crazy shapes are found. The same formation process appears to have created and shaped these rocks, creating similar patterns in different areas and topography on the islands of Malta.

Tetris Rocks

Tetris Rocks - found amongst the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction near Buskett WoodsTetris Rocks - crazy rock shapes fitting together at the Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction near Buskett Gardens, Malta

Loco limestone rock shapes. Oblongs beside each other next to a triangle rock shape. It is like nature got bored and had a natural game of Tetris, thinking how can it fit these shapes together.

What force formed the boxes is very likely to form the triangles and other shapes around it. They are mostly the same material, height and thickness.

Cart Ridges and the development of Cart Squares

Cart Ruts Ridges and Squares in a line, strange limestone rock lines photographed at Clapham Junction near Dingli Cliffs, Malta Islands

Malta is famous for its Cart Ruts found all over the islands. Also found at the sites of the cart ruts are the associated gEUlogy of Cart Triangles, Boxes and other shapes. One of the more mysterious rock features though are the Cart Ridges. These smaller Cart Ridges usually go in pairs and in straight or curving lines. Sometimes though they appear to wander around the landscape. Why do you find Cart Ridges in the same locations as Cart Ruts? Are the Cart Ruts there because of the Cart Ridges or are the Cart Ridges there because of the Cart Ruts?

Actually "Cart Ridges" are found in other places than just near Cart Ruts. They are found near areas where there is evidence of Electric Universe activity.

Some of these Cart Ridges have Cart Squares inside them, formed by connecting lines between the 2 ridges. Were some Cart Boxes the start of Cart Ridges or the remains of them?

Form guide

How are these strange geological features (Electroblemes?) formed around the Cart Ruts? How were the Cart Ruts created? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas, discussion and, maybe you providing the key idea, chat or look at the "form guide" in the forum.

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Clapham Junction Cart Ruts and Electroblemes map

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