Malta Clapham Junction map and road directions

Malta Clapham Junction map and road directions

Malta Clapham Junction map and road directions Malta Clapham Junction map, road directions and location of the Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) that can be found located at Malta’s Clapham Junction Cart Ruts site. The site is not that easy to get to as it is tucked away in the countryside.

To find Clapham Junction, Malta’s main Cart Ruts (the most famous Cart Ruts in Malta) you usually approach through Rabat (Mdina) and drive, walk or cycle towards Buskett Gardens (Buskett Woods). This is also the alternative or “back” way to Dingli Cliffs.

The location of these Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) is known as Clapham Junction but its official Maltese name is Ghar il-Kbir. Signposts normally have both names on them.

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Malta Clapham Junction map, location and road directions

Starting from Rabat (Mdina), Malta to find Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir)

Start to go through Rabat (Mdina) in Malta not Gozo, towards the direction of BUSKETT (Buskett Gardens) and Dingli Cliffs. As you join up with and drive along Triq Il-Kullegg you will see the St Dominic Church on your left.

Just after the Church is a corner where you need to TURN OFF LEFT. It is signposted BUSKETT on the wall of a building.

BUSKETT Gardens / Buskett Woods – close to Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir)

After turning off towards BUSKETT drive/walk along Triq Il-Buskett (Buskett Road) passed Buskett Gardens (Buskett Woods).

When you come to a cross road (road junction) follow the road sign and keep going straight towards Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir).

This next section of road is very wide and after about 100 meters has another but smaller road junction, TURN LEFT here. There is also another signpost here, with an arrow pointing left towards Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir).

Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir), Malta

Follow this road past the large yellow block building on the right and then you come to a limestone block wall with a metal gate to the right and telephone poles. This is the entrance to Clapham Junction (Ghar il-Kbir), even if it does not look like it. The signs indicate you are at the right place, especially if you see the bright “Tourist Infoline” signs.

Located Malta Clapham Junction but …

But what now? No Cart Ruts in view 🙁

Patience my young Padawan

If Clapham Junction is the largest and most famous of the Malta Cart Ruts locations and even after walking another 100 meters there are no Cart Ruts in sight or on site,
what are you going to do?

It is like a finger pointing toward the moon…

The mystery of the Cart Ruts include perfect equilateral triangles and squares made out of ridge lines of limestone rock… and more.

…don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory

The mysteries of Clapham Junction Cart Ruts Malta include the Clapham Junction Triangle and more

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill? Stick to the path or explore the area and your mind set?

It is not just Cart Ruts at Clapham Junction. What else don’t or won’t you see?

Follow these photo guides to the various areas, mysteries and puzzles of Clapham Junction, Malta (Ghar il-Kbir) of use the quick instructions below to get to the main areas.

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta | introduction and main site guide

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta – east field

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts, Malta – south field

The Clapham Junction Triangle

Clapham Junction geology – shapes – perfect squares, rectangles and Tetris Rocks

Ever seen perfect equilateral rock triangles?Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts - What don't you see?

Go up the road up the hill. You won’t see any Cart ruts but do not panic. When you get near the top of the rolling hill follow the dirt track to the right (west). You still will not see any Cart Ruts. Follow the track for about 50 meters and then when you reach the telegraph poles you can turn off right onto the path.

You will see the official information signs. Either follow the path to the main area and the large Cave or go down the slope (north) and start to explore.

Simpler directions to Clapham Junction Cart Ruts Malta

  • Go to St Dominic Church in Rabat (Malta not Gozo). This is on the Triq Il-Kullegg (Kullegg Road).
  • Follow this road and the gateway entrance to Clapham Junction (Ghar Il-Kbar) is signposted on your right.

Clapham Junction mystery – it’s not just Cart Ruts 🙂

#Ever seen perfect equilateral rock triangles?

The mysteries include perfect equilateral triangles and squares made from lines of limestone… and more.

Location maps for Clapham Junction Cart Ruts and Cart Tracks, Malta

Large road map showing where to locate the Clapham Junction (Ghar Il-Kbar) Cart Ruts (cart tracks) on the main Island of Malta.

Small location map of Clapham Junction Cart Ruts (Ghar Il-Kbar) in Malta. The cart ruts/tracks are near Buskett Gardens.