Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts Malta

naxxar cart ruts malta

naxxar cart ruts malta maltese tracks Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts Malta – this area is also known in Maltese as San Pawl tat-Targa and here you can see the Cart Tracks near Malta’s Victoria Lines.

Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts Malta (Cart Tracks)

The Cart Ruts on the Naxxar Gap (San Pawl tat-Targa) are spectacular when combined with the geology of the area.

Located on the Great Fault line the ruts themselves can be very narrow but still deep. They curve down the slope and there is also a lot of very puzzling “doubling” effect and overruns.

Naxxar Gap Malta Cart Ruts – round the bend

Curving Cart Ruts down the escarpment but as you can see in the photo above straight shallow Cart Track indentations can go across the curling Cart Rut.

The most stunning of the curving Cart Ruts are nearer the western side closer to the Globigerina Limestone Quarry. The Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts, also known as the San Pawl tat-Targa Cart Ruts, are located along the Victoria Lines.

Naxxar Gap Cart Tracks Malta – Double Ruts

how were the cart ruts made formed created maltaOn the Naxxar (Targa) Gap many of the Cart Ruts display the strange double rut or central reservation. If the Cart Ruts are man made and created by wear and tear these are puzzling.

Either they were deliberately created for a reason in the hard rock or the rock/landscape was of a different composition back in the day?

Cart Ruts up or down steep drops?

cart ruts hills up down slopes drops malta tracks

The steepness of the slope is shown by the road beside the Cart Tracks. This curves down the Great Fault Line scarp. You can walk beside the Cart Ruts site down the stairs.

The Cart Tracks go down steep mini scarp sections. These and the slope would indicate, if they are man made by vehicles, that whatever vehicle created them went downhill.

The only evidence of wear and tear is the Cart Ruts themselves with no other sign of human or animal tracks surrounding the Cart Ruts.

This is especially shown by the Clapham Junction Triangle that has a Cart Track going through it but seems to have no damage to its strange limestone lines that form the shape.

Naxxar Gap Cart Ruts Malta – location map and car parking guide
naxxar cart ruts parking map location car tracks gap

Site Map of the Naxxar Gap (Targa Gap or San Pawl tat-Targa) Cart Ruts located near Mosta. They are situated on the Great Fault scarp, along the Victoria Lines.

There is car parking space at the bottom of the road (Triq Is-Salina) down the escarpment slope, where the catholic shrine is found. This shrine has a cave beneath it.