Malta: An Archaeological Guide




Malta: An Archaeological Guide book by D H Trump is available from and if you can not get it cheap from their try or other book stores as they usually have it available at regular price.

Another Dr David Trump book that explores Malta’s cart tracks on the main two Maltese islands including those cart ruts sites found on the smaller island of Gozo.

This David Trump publication is not mainly about the ancient cart ruts as there is lots of megalithic history in Malta.

Malta: An Archaeological Guide book review

3rd party book review

Malta and Gozo, poised in the centre of the Mediterranean, have had a richly varied history over the last 7,000 years or so. Much of this history is mirrored in the surviving monuments, showing at time provincial versions of great civilizations elsewhere, at times bizarre and impressive developments seen only on these islands. There are temples, goddesses, hypogea, cemeteries, Bronze Age villages, caves, wrecks, catacombs, tombs, villas, baths, fortifications and ‘cart-ruts’.

Dr David Trump served as Curator of Archaeology at the national Museum of Malta for five years from 1958. In that time he visited every known site and by field survey and excavation was able to add to our understanding. This is an expert and engrossing Guide, which will enable us all to share his enthusiasm for the Maltese islands and their archaeology