The Significance of Cart-Ruts in Ancient Landscapes




The Significance of Cart-Ruts in Ancient Landscapes book is a peer reviewed scientific investigation into the Malta cart ruts sites and those found all over the world.

A European Union Culture 2000 project, with a total of 300,000 Euros in funding, started in 2004, this large research ‘paper’ or book was eventually published in 2017.

Speaking during the launch of the project at Heritage Malta’s head offices in Valletta, Architect Herman Bonnici, of the Restoration Unit, explained that landscapes with cart ruts are known to exist in Sicily, Sardinia, Spain, Italy, Greece and France, but most are located in Malta.

Two sites, one in Malta and the other in Spain, will be under the spotlight for the scope of this project. The local site, which covers an area of about 250,000 m2, is located at Misrah Ghar Il-Kbir in Rabat, known as Clapham Junction. The site in Spain is smaller than the local one and is located in the village of Padul, near Granda, known as Il Camino des los Molinos.

A team of Maltese and Spanish experts will document the cart ruts and surrounding landscape in Malta and correlate the results with those collected from the site in Spain.
Heritage Malta launches cart ruts project | Times of Malta

This heavyweight paperback can be difficult to get hold of newly printed, most understandably likely due to limited print runs by the Maltese Midsea Books publishers. If not available on try or other book stores.

The Significance of Cart-Ruts in Ancient Landscapes book review

If you want a very scientific peer reviewed investigation into Malta’s cart ruts then this is it. Even more academic than David Trump’s Cart Ruts and their impact on the Maltese landscape book. Lots of different sections in this 400 page document but about 100 of those are translations of parts into Maltese, Spanish and Italian.

The main investigations are theCart ruts in Malta chapter with this list of subjects:

  • Description, History and Archeology of Cart-ruts
  • Sedimentological Study of Karstic Landforms and associated Cart-ruts
  • Dating
  • Vehicles and Purpose
  • Alternative Interpretations
  • Case Sites in the Maltese Islands

The in depth field site visits and researchers include Padul in Spain. They also consider cart ruts in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, England, Turkey, Azerbaijan, North Africa and North America.