San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts (Tal-Mensija Cart Tracks)

San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts Tal-Mensija Cart Tracks

San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts Tal-Mensija Cart Tracks San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts Malta (Tal-Mensija Cart Tracks)

Hidden amongst the houses of San Gwann near Sliema and St Julians Malta is this small area of fenced off Cart Ruts but with a crazy Cart Ruts junction madder than anything seen at Malta’s most famous Cart Tracks site at Clapham Junction Malta. The San Gwann Cart Ruts location has unexplainable(?) parallel lines and a triangle shape, which looks like the rock was sliced.

San Gwann Cart Ruts – Junction

San Gwann cart ruts malta tracks maltese Tal-Mensija junctionThere is one long, very defined, curving Cart Rut with a few smaller ones. San Gwann has the most interesting of Cart Ruts Junctions on Malta.

San Gwann cart ruts malta tracks maltese Tal-Mensija curving pair of linesClapham Junction may have far more Cart Ruts but they do not meet in such a crazy manner as at San Gwann. The strangeness of the Junction is that there seems to be only 2 pairs of Cart Ruts leading into it and perhaps only 1 coming out the other side.

San Gwann cart ruts malta tracks maltese Tal-Mensija deep ridgesYet when you look at photos of the San Gwann Cart Ruts Junction, how many pairs of Cart Ruts, or how many individual Cart Tracks would you think meet at this point? The Cart Ruts in Mexico look similar to this but not as chaotic.

San Gwann cart ruts malta tracks maltese Tal-Mensija ancient roads transportIf Cart Ruts were worn away, how many journeys would have had to be made? Unless the composition of the top rock was different back then?

Moving past the Junction you will see the main Cart Ruts curves away and then there are strange bisecting parallel lines.

Cart Ruts and strange parallel lines

These bizarre parallel lines cut across the Cart Ruts and show in the surface of the ruts themselves. One is a wide coloured line and the other is a hollowed out line, like it has been sliced or removed. One negative and the other positive (cathode and anode)?

If these are stress, fold or fault lines why are they so straight, why is one different to the other and why is there another line further along that is parallel to these?

Strange Limestone Lines

Further along the Cart Ruts at San Gwann there is another straight line (slightly raised) from the limestone and an associated line that seems to curve.

This cuts across the Cart Tracks and in a couple of places there is a flat side along the line.

If these lines are stress, fracture or fault lines why is there only a couple of flat sections and why in those spots?

If they have been quarried then why these spots only and why does the line carry on across the Cart Ruts?

Cart Ruts Triangles?

One Cart Ruts Triangle is similar in shape and material to the corner of the Clapham Junction Triangle. The other one is a strange triangle shape made with two sides of a “machined” or hollowed out line which is in the limestone. Like a negative triangle.

The third side of it appears to resemble a small ridge line type of rock shape. It also has a partial mini crater on it.

What don’t you see? Green flower petals?

Tal-Mensija cart ruts tracks no green flowers petalsBillions upon billions of plants on the planet.

Yet very few green flowers (petals)?

Is the important question not how can this be but why?

San Gwann Cart Tracks – Form guide

How are these strange geological features (electroblemes?) formed around the Cart Ruts? How were the Cart Ruts created? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas, discussion and, maybe you providing the key idea, chat or look at the “form guide” in the forum.

Location and road map of San Gwann Cart Ruts Malta

Larger map of Cart Ruts in Malta – San Gwann Junction- Tal-Mensija (St Julians), Malta

There is no easy way to guide you there as it depends on where you come from. Having this map will help. If you cannot find it then the easiest way is to come up along the San Gwann valley road that comes from Swieqi, but you have to find that road first. This road joins up with Triq Tal-Mensija (Mensija Road) and goes past the San Gwann Cart Ruts on your right.