St Georges Bay underwater Malta Cart Ruts

st georges bay malta underwater cart ruts tracks saint sea floor bed

cart ruts across bay water st georges malta tracks sea The Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) at St Georges Bay are located beside Triq Ghar Dalam, these appear to have crossed the bay.

Also in the bay, but perpendicular to the the thin road side Cart Ruts, are much larger underwater Cart Ruts. These include the triangle/wedge shape and are similar to the ones seen at Clapham Junction and San Gwann.

cart ruts sea floor underwater submerged malta st georges bay If the Cart Ruts are man made then how much has the land of Malta or the sea levels changed for these Cart Ruts to go across a Bay?

Cart Ruts just sitting on the dock of the Bay

The Cart Ruts are slightly strange in that one Rut is shorter than the other. What remains of the Cart Ruts go from the Ghar Dalam Road to the water. Did they ever go into the water? Was the water at that level when these were created? Were the submerged Cart ruts created at a different time? Why is one Cart Track shorter than the other, why are the Ruts themselves so narrow when compared to others, especially at Clapham Junction?

Saint Georges Bay is a small shallow bay.

You can see the small sandy St Georges Bay in the photo above.

In the sandstone are wide holes that are a bit of a Maltese mystery. Are they ancient rock cisterns, larders?

Underwater Cart Ruts Junction

The Cart Ruts going into St Georges bay seem to stop at the waters edge although the rock shelf itself stops a few yards further on. There are “boulders” on the sea floor which may be the broken remains of the sandstone shelf. Beyond this is the normal sandy sea floor bed of the bay.

When snorkeling in St Georges Bay you will not find any trace of the Cart Ruts where they enter the water or any tracks futher along the line of the Cart Ruts.

There are Cart Ruts underwater but they are perpendicular to the ones on land. These Cart Ruts submerged on the sea floor are also much wider and defined than those seen beside Ghar Dalam road. There are also ‘switch points’, triangular ends to the rock lines, very similar to the ones found at Clapham Junction.

These set of points (or whatever these traingular ends are) can be found close together along the sea floor Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks).

The rocky sea floor here is not flat. Are all Cart ruts man made or has something else made some of them? Are the undersea Cart Ruts a different age, type and purpose to those on land?

Stone Age cisterns, larders, fire places…?

These were supposedly used to store food in the old days. Some show signs of the sandstone around them being a burned sandstone colour, the same as found some of the Temples and on top of Qolla Safra. They may have been used as fire places.

Some might be new or used as mini “Salt Pans” or to catch fish, this one is beside the water level. One of them had purple rocks or purple algae in it. Another one was again circular shaped but not hollowed out and has colouring around it.

Location and road map of the St Georges Bay Cart Ruts

The land and underwater (sea floor) Cart Ruts are found at St Georges Bay on Malta. From Valletta head towards Marsaxlokk and Birżebbuġa (B’bugia) Bay and keep going towards Birzebbuga and down the hill past Għar Dalam. They are beside the Triq Ghar Dalam (Ghar Dalam Road) as you come down to the bottom of the road and start to enter the town. There are Public Toilets and a Car Park to the right.

The land Cart Ruts are not that large but if you look over Triq Ghar Dalam roadside railings towards the small but sandy St Georges Bay you will find them.

The underwater Cart Ruts are near the land Cart Tracks, just off the sandstone ledge by the road and a few feet south or going towards Birzebbuga Bay. Perpendicular to the land Cart Ruts!