Who created the Cart Ruts?

cart ruts malta gozo man made evidence tracks formatiion construction created formedWho created the Cart Ruts on Malta?

Who formed the Cart Ruts found in other countries around the Meditearien, Europe and in South America? in Turkey it is suggested that the Phrygian Empire made the Cart Tracks with their chariots and vehicles for moving goods. But what about the other countries like Mexico?

On Malta was it the ‘Temple Builders‘ who constucted the awe inspiring megalthic structure that are found all over the islands of Malta and Gozo?
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What were Cart Ruts used for?

ghar zerrieq cart ruts malta tracks maltese maltas over cliff of top side mystery puzzleWhat was the purpose of the Cart Ruts? Especially on the islands of Malta and Gozo where you can find so many multiple pairs of tracks leading from no where in particular to not any location.

Cart Ruts are thought to be ancient, pre history roads system – for the transportation of building material and perhaps people. But there is no definate answer at the moment, especially for those Cart Tracks found on the islands of Malta.
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What are Cart Ruts?

clapham junction malta guide cart rutsWhat are Cart Ruts, also known as Cart Tracks? This has to be split into 2 different questions. What are Malta’s Cart Ruts and what are the rest of the worlds Cart Ruts?

Cart Ruts themselves are sunken grooves, ruts, tracks, rilles found in rock. Usually in pairs of tracks. The ruts themselves vary greatly – they can be very deep and narrow, they can be very shallow and wide and anything in between. They are found in smooth and rough rock (on Malta it is limestone).
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