Cart ruts video

modern explorers cart ruts video film movie free documentaryA very good introduction to the cart ruts sites on Malta, Gozo and around the world has been created by the Modern Explorers.

This free 13 minute youtube video explores the history and physical phenomena of the cart tracks in a very balanced fashion. Mentioning the mainstream or accepted options of what, why, when, who created these supposedly man made ancient road ways always found in limestone rock.

Cart ruts mysteries explored

They also suggest some of the alternative theories of these possible vehicle tracks including some ideas about the Malta ‘temples’ or megalithic structures (their video on Malta and Gozo’s megalithic features)including electromagnetic theories similar to electroculture/magnetoculture.

With their wealth of experience of ancient sites around the world they are able to suggest possible links to other parts of the world including Skara Brae and its very similar ‘shelves’.

The worldwide and Malta cart ruts have been waiting for a film like this, so if you have any interest in ancient mysteries and puzzles then this very short documentary called Cart Ruts Explored is for you.

The Modern Explorers are travelling around the world and bringing to the public attention interesting historic sites, civilisations and ideas.

You can also help contribute to these great short movies by supporting their work on Patreon.

Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts

temple builders solar obvservatory complexghar zerriegha cart ruts malta gozo zerrieq mtahleb Ta Baldu Ghar Zerriegha Malta cart ruts are perhaps in the most atmospheric location of the Maltese Cart Tracks, they also have with lots of mystery and perhaps the only physical evidence on the whole island of Malta and Gozo that the Cart Ruts are man made.

But if this is evidence or proof that the Cart Ruts were made by man why is this the only site in all of the 100’s if not 1000’s of Cart Ruts that cover the whole of Malta?
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