Underwater Cart Ruts and Temples

maltas cart ruts sea floor saint julians submerged

cart ruts sea floor underwater submerged malta st georges baySome Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) are found underwater – submerged on the sea floor.

The most famous of Malta’s Cart Ruts that can be easily seen on the seabed are at St George’s Bay (near Birzebbuga Bay not the St Julian’s / Paceville Saint George’s bay!).

cart ruts across bay water st georges malta tracks seaIf you ever visit Malta and Gozo you will find that the same names are used for 2 or 3 places on the islands and considering the small size of them it seems a bit crazy and confusing.

St Georges Bay (Birzebbuga) also has a strange thin shallow pair running into the sea near the underwater Cart Ruts.

Another set of Cart Tracks that run parallel to the sea shore are the Mellieha Bay Cart Ruts (photographs and site visit to be posted in the future).

Other possible submerged Cart Ruts on Malta

maltas cart ruts sea floor saint julians submergedThere could be a lot of possible underwater Cart Ruts in Malta’s seas, when you are snorkelling you do notice a lot of fairly straight lines, grooves, trenches. These are hard to confirm if they are as they look slightly more natural fissures in the limestone rock than worn away grooves but who knows with the effects of the sea water erosion. The best example of good but most likely not is when you swim of Sliema.

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There are also reported to be submerged Cart Ruts and other shapes that may be buildings on the seafloor out from St Julian’s but more towards Pembroke. To make things even more confusing these are also just off the other ‘Saint George’s Bay’.

Something interesting was photographed there by Kurt and Shaun Arrigo (photo above)

Possible underwater Malta Cart Ruts co-ordinates near St Julian’s / Pembroke
maltas cart ruts underwater st julians pembrokeN 35 55.780
E 14 29.634

N 35 55 46.8
E 14 29 38.0

N 35 55.848
E 14 29.619

N 35 55.849
E 14 29.626

N 35 55 50.9
E 14 29 37.6

Another person reported finding Cart Tracks on the sea floor in the large Birzebbuga Bay – he did offer paid tours to them (from Germany) but would not share their location. It is not known if he is still doing that.

Underwater Malta Temples and structures?

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There appears to also be Malta Temples that are found submerged. The islands of Malta and Gozo must have the highest concentration of megalith structures/temples in the world. If sea levels were much lower and have risen then this should be no surprise. That other Temple Builder structures may have been built on the then available dry land that was also closer to the sea would seem to be a sensible theory.

One temple is suggested to be found off Sliema but details about this are hard to confirm.

Gebel Gol-Bahar Temple

Gebel Gol-Bahar underwater temple malta Hubert ZeitlmairThe best possible submerged structure or Temple is Gebel Gol-Bahar with underwater photos and videos that look very much like Malta’s seas location. This seems to have been discovered by Hubert Zeitlmair.

This seems to be the sea floor structure that others reference as located about 3 miles off the St Andrews Firing Range on the sea mount marked on charts as ‘sikka‘.

malta discovery org Hubert Zeitlmair and the Malta Vortex pillar Just a word of warning about one of the other theories by Hubert Zeitlmair on his site maltadiscovery.org that you may get to if you follow the leads (or that link!) eventually to his site. It concerns the Tree of Life (Squatterman and many other names it was known at), the plasma Peratt Instability that Zeitlmair calls the Malta Vortex pillar.

di jet object Hubert Zeitlmair maltadiscovery.orgThere is no evidence that Anthony L Peratt’s work implies it was anything to do with the skies above Malta, in fact it is 100% the complete opposite.

Actually, every single bit of Anthony Peratt’s and all the others work on over 100,000 petroglyph’s (special type of pre history rock art) show that the Axis Mundi was seen in the southern polar regions, not Malta and Gozo. Click here for more information on this.

Valletta Grand Harbour

The massive harbour of Velletta is also rumoured to have many large Temple Builder structures on the sea floor.

It is nevertheless known that a megalithic structure once existed inside Valletta’s Grand Harbour, at the foot of Fort Saint Angelo. According to Jean Quintinus, this temple extended over “a large part of the harbour, even far out into the sea” as late as 1536 and in 1606, Megeiser could still see that it was constructed of “rectangular blocks of unbelievable sizes”.
Malta: the small island of the giants