Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts (Busewdien Cart Tracks)

Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts Busewdien Cart Tracks

Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts Busewdien Cart Tracks Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts Malta (Busewdien Cart Tracks) – map, location and photographs guide to these very pleasant located Cart Ruts in Malta – high up on top of a small rolling hill on the Wardija Ridge. If you walk or hike across Malta and choose to do your walking along the Wardija Ridge then you will pass beside these Cart Ruts at Busewdien, perhaps without noticing them.

Very wide and defined Cart Ruts with some unusual associated geology including Cart Ridges, Cart Triangles and Grey Rock. These Cart Tracks are located beside Triq Busewdien (Busewdien Road) between St Paul’s Bay and Zebbieh (Skorba Temples). The road is a very scenic drive across Wardija Ridge and is an alternative route towards Golden Bay.

Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts Malta (Busewdien Cart Tracks)

Cart Ruts location near Skorba Temple, Zebbieh, Malta along Triq Busewdien

View south of Malta from the top of Wardija Ridge close to Saint Pauls Bay, MaltaThe views of the Maltese countryside are worth the drive alone.

They include the strangely isolated Il-Qolla that looks river eroded but with no river around it.

The Cart Ruts are found beside the road and just in the fields.

St Pauls Bay Cart Ruts located at Busewdien, MaltaThese Cart Ruts are some of the widest you will see and, although short, perhaps the straightest.

Other Cart Ruts features in the area are Cart Ridges, outstanding Grey Rock outcrops and a solid Cart Triangle.

Wardija Ridge Malta limestone formations

Limestone ridges are geological features found around Malta and also in Cart Ruts areas. These strange raised lines do not appear to be the result of faults or rock fold lines.

The limestone ridge lines above looks similar to other lines found near Pembroke and also near the Bingemma Gap cart ruts.

limestone geology amazing awesome puzzling strange madness crazy
Limestone ridge or ‘fulgurite’ found at Pembroke, Malta

Are they a variation of fulgurites in an Electric Universe?

Busewdien Cart Tracks Triangles

Limestone triangles are limestone rock features found in some of the Cart Rut sites as well as other places.

They are normally lines but this one is a solid triangle shape.

The triangles are also found in other areas where there are no Cart Ruts like Manikata and Pembroke Hill.

Busewdien Cart Ruts Malta – Outstanding Grey Rock

lichtenberg figures negative electricAround the Cart Tracks is the special Grey Rock that you find around other Cart Ruts. This bright light grey limestone rock literally stands out in every location. What causes it to be that colour and why does it form such outcrops around the Cart Ruts?

maltese islands limestone geology featuresOn most of the Grey Rock you will find the same pattern that you do not see on other limestone rock in Malta. It looks like the pattern of a brain or a negative Lichtenberg Figure.

There is also some crazy “erosion” on the tops of some of the Grey Rock.

comet 67p craters surface

Why and how are these very sharply defined areas the only bits to have been eroded deeply?

Why in this mainly circular and curved edges? Why are they connected like crater chains found on asteroids, comets and moons?

Or are these mini craters caused by natural EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)?

busewdien cart ruts tracks st pauls bay malta

The above image is from comet 67P.

Mini craters?

Are these mini craters found on Malta or just water erosion?

Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts – Form guide

How are these strange geological features (electroblemes) formed around the Cart Ruts? How were the Cart Ruts created? Does it have anything to do with the Electric Universe? For ideas, discussion and, maybe you providing the key idea, chat or look at the “form guide” in the forum.

Directions and location of Cart Ruts in Malta at Busewdien (Wardija Ridge)

Larger map – Cart Ruts in Malta – Busewdien near St Paul’s Bay

Drive or walk along Triq Busewdien (Busewdien Road) between Zebbieh and near St Paul’s bay. You will travel along the Wardija Ridge, when you get to the area known as L-Argentier (sign post in the road related to this) there will be a road junction which is divided by a small diamond shape dirt island.

You can tell you are in an area of Cart Ruts as there are small rolling hill tops around it.